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Who are we.

We at DevSquirrel strive to solve all your digital problems. From technology consulting to IT Services, we deliver the most innovative solutions with exceptional business value. We prioritise pushing your Business forward with our tech solutions, not holding it back anyway!

We operate on tech stacks that are thriving to solve the digital problems such that it can benefit the enterprise the best way. Our expertise in enterprise friendly tech stacks makes firm foundation to evolve the business, helping them to harness the power of innovation.

Mobile App Solutions
Recent developments in mobile application industry has been reshaping the business for now. Our expertise will keep your app updated and ahead of everyone else.
Web Solutions
Websites have been pillar or every business of 21st century, and we make sure to keep your visitors in awe of your business once they visit your website.
UI/UX Development
The fastest growing sector in designing is UI-UX, we practice world's latest trends to keep your applications UI-UX perfect.
Cloud Solutions
“Service at a click” that is what cloud is all about. We offer solutions to your business to get started with cloud computing.
Game Development
The gaming industry has undoubtedly experienced a sky rocketing boom, so let's get started with your own game developed by us.
This hottest topic of tech world is what your business can adopt and change the outcomes in your favour. Get your business AI/ML/DL ready with us.
Blockchain is the emerging technology of recent times which has the potential to change the world around us. Are you excited to get Blockchain ready with us?
What We Offer
Our Projects

Behold the portfolio of our robust projects.

Take a glimpse of our work to set an outlook of DevSquirrel in your mind.
Cross-Platform Application
A complete certification solution from generation of certificates to maintain its authenticity, all at your fingertips. Available soon for Android and iOS, plans to expanded on desktop and web platforms.
Card Nation
An implementation of indigenous multiplayer card games in Android platform having three different games in one application. Download and enjoy the game.
Web App
A web app for International Macro Photography Contest 2020, built with Flutter web and Firebase as a backend, had interface for photographers to enter the contest and a complete judging system for the jury panel.
Analytics2AI, a satisfied client of DevSquirrel has their company website build by us with the best in class web technologies and UI-UX design.
Our Expertise

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Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.
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Our Principles

Witness a digital
revoution with us.

Treasures are not found randomly, something really singals about it out so does the principles tell about the worth of a company.
Client Value
We are passionate about client's success and our work is oriented to surpass client's expectations consistently.
Integrity and Transparency
We foster a culture of integrity and transparency at work and be ethical and sincere in all our activities.
We strive relentlessly to provide the best in class to our clients so that they can harness the power of our excellence.
One step ahead
We endeavour to carry out innovations to implementation so that our clients stay ahead of their peers.
Tech Stack

We make use of best in class technologies.

Choosing a right tech stack has biggest impact on the final product. We analyse your use case and choose best stack for you.

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